Book Cover Design Spring 2018


Assignment Details

Research book covers online and post three really good ones here on your own new page.

  1. Explain why you feel the covers are good in terms of the elements and principles of art,

  2. Explain why you feel the covers are good in terms of the typography and the illustration.

  3. Tell how the book grabs the attention of the customer.

  4. Use your art vocabulary when you discuss your book covers.

  5. Site the sources (websites) that you use for your research.

Consider the structure of a Book when planning your design.


An interesting website you might try for books is


  1. Click the + by Pages and Files at the top left column.

  2. Name your page with your last name-book. Add tags such as book, phs, your last name. This will help you later if you choose to search for the page.

  3. Go to the webpage where you found the book cover design. Right click on the image you want to embed on the wiki page. Choose Save Image As and click on your directory (lastname and first name initials book). Choose your [[#|Pictures]] folder in the directory. Put into the wiki research folder in the Pictures folder. Save the image into that folder. Make sure it is a jpg file.

  4. Now go back to the page you created (click [[#|manage]] wiki and pages and you should see it in the list of pages for the wiki). Click Edit at the top right of the page and [[#|start]] typing to post and [[#|answer]] the questions. Click the icon called File to embed your images. Click [[#|Upload Files]]. Choose the image file you saved before in your pictures folder. Wait for it to fully load (you'll see the image). Click on the will be yellow to show you've selected it. It will upload onto the page where you chose to insert it. You can center it or make it larger or smaller from here also.

  5. Make sure you save your page after each one.

  6. Once all 3 images are posted and explained you should come back to this page and link your name to your finished page.

  7. Click edit and highlight your name. Then click the link tool. Choose link and choose the new wiki page you created with your last name. Now your name here should be linked to the new page you created.

  8. Check all your links to be sure they work.

Making a Banner So You Only Have to Post Images Once

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