Fine Art Photography
By Alyssa Van Altena

  • Master of photography fundamentals (lighting, composition, and exposure)
  • Distinct style setting me apart from others
  • Extensive knowledge of photography editing techniques especially Photoshop
  • Business and Marketing skills
  • Skills in web design and online marketing

Examples of Work:
Door County 1 332.JPG
Door County 1 549.jpgDoor County 1 475-edited.jpg
Door County 1 763.JPG
Door County 1 1188.jpg
Door County 2 009.jpg
Door County 1 854-edited.jpgDoor County 1 1092-edited.jpg
Door County 2 189-edited.jpg
Door County 2 315-edited.jpg
deagan copy.jpg

All of my photos are available for purchase. I can also be hired as a photographer.

How To Contact:
Email me at avphotography@gmail.com
Call me at (262) 746-9644