Abigail Schmidtke-Shape

external image HV910oKcAWnZew-EzEPUFuHHoAFMvXbUMVAdlWjXnfOvowEkOyaFW4U-Ot5xi4RmO8F88-Konx29qoBTBaPtD4b9Z9QYvH7lCaFufTBArDpSTPNwHWxECuGzl_C-oVCRkadRxUEW
I really like this image because of how well both silhouettes work together. They are just inverted colors but the poses mix well with its counterpart. The reason I selected this for an example for asymmetry is that there isn't any way that you could cut this image where the other half would be the same and the first half. The whole idea of it is the whole lack of balance but it also balances itself out well with the coloring and pattern of the silhouettes which is really interesting to me.


external image 5c9rwWHeSfxAWjCXNZekrh5PXn5Eslf6evx1PKiFz-54ffEWKyQ1U9hf8ds6zX5xTFtQ4clDxmkkgGmtwMvIVU2NMIoSlK1w5yxqP9ICDH2DlsNPGFpO7uSA8SmcWHIFyciz0eGE

I really like this image as it has many little details that add to the overall composition of the image. This illustrated the type of balance that was needed because the design could be split in half and technically be considered symmetrical, but the pattern originates from the center.


external image YKUiOe0HeC6pIMv6cMCVdfvr5dqwpGBNsIg4qnnl9hRuzGJWwAEGadF3SE24iaP8_Zv_elXpKVpAJFqC3rN0RqTVDQSQET5ucNF8M3SpJybLrWvlRL1x_NsSxFW0lDcykiFB1H5A

This image is really pretty to me because I love the little branches and the whimsy that this image has by the playing on how the trees normally look. This work uses symmetry well because the image can be cut in half vertically and be the exact same on both sides.