1. The career I chose was Portrait Photography. The work done in this field is capturing someone whether it be posed or in the moment, and the picture of this little girl does that.
2. Portrait Photography can also photography babies, and this is the baby just playing about and it is the job of the photographer to get that, the picture of the baby in this moment.
3. This picture was posed and the photographer took the picture and when they do so you usually see the inside of someone, what they're thinking, feeling, etc. The person in this picture is in a state of peace.

B) I chose photography. For this job a person must capture the inner thoughts, ideas and voice of the person, place or thing they are shooting.

C) Someone who has a "good-eye", imagination, creativity, an artistic ability, hand-eye coordination, and a technological understanding of photography but most of all patience and accuracy. (Vision, Communication, Tech & Business Skills)

D) Most portrait photographers go to art schools, but many schools offer programs for photography, and you definitely need a college degree for photography of some kind. Only portrait photographers who don't freelance or own their own business need some type of schooling from at least a 2 year college or an art school.

E) There is quite a wide range in this field especially considering your talent and competition, averages usually vary from about 20,000-50,000 dollars. Lower starting out and depending on how popular you are it may be even more.

F) A lot of photographers put together a portfolio, and you don't necessarily need to do an internship, but it definitely helps.

G) Typical day in the field when there is work is hectic because you have to take all the pictures for the client, and it needs to work because you don't have all the time in the world but at the same time during the hectic time of getting different lenses and lighting and everything else it's still a lot of fun because you're doing what you love to do.

H) I plan to make a sort of booklet, but in the shape of postcard, with translucent pages and one solid background for the back page with my contact information that will show through the pages to the front along with all the other pictures. The idea is portrait photography of all ages, so it will be from the age of a baby to an older person, like evolution.

I) I chose this idea to show that portrait photography especially myself can do portraits of all ages. Also to show that I am creative, and to show that I can also take non-portrait pictures since the background will be my own image.

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