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I liked this logo because it includes bot typography and symbolism. This logo is simple because it has only black and white and for my project I got this company so I will work towards making their logo more interesting and more pleasing to the customers and people who view the logo in general. I will try to come up with something very memorable because this is not that memorable nor interesting to look at. Although it is not very interesting I feel the goat in the lack circle is very odd and unusual which ma be memorable for some people. The company used a mixed logo since the logo includes both a symbol and typography. The target audience that this company is trying to please is anybody who drinks coffee and anybody who may like a nice cafe to come sit at once in a while so relax or to just have a nice more formal conversation with someone. This design somewhat meets the needs of the client because it is obvious that it is a coffee shop but it may not be as obvious that this is also a nice place to and relax for a while.

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I choose this go since I am very familiar with it. This logo is very know worldwide and we can tell what it is from its symbol we don't need any text, this is the logo for Instagram. This is a symbolic logo since it does not include any text whatsoever. I think the company uses this type of logo because they don't need the name of themselves anymore since they are so well known which a. saves them more money when designing a logo, and b. they can make their symbol more and more complex since they don't have to use their name any longer. The target audience for this logo is anybody who loves social media or really anybody who has social media in general. The design meets the needs of the client because they already know what it is for so as long as they can tell that this application is different that the other ones on their phone and also as long as it has a neat look to it, the clients will be satisfied. This logo is a goos symbol since Instagram is somewhere where you can post pictures and the logo is a camera, it works well.

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I liked this logo since it has neat typography that is very calming and exciting to look at. The logo is not a symbol it is typography because it does not include any symbol. The target audience for this logo is anybody who wants good nutrition. People who like to eat healthy and also people who like protein shakes and just protein in general are bound to love places like this. This logo is very simple and to the point because it does not make people think since the name of the company is right there out in the open. The color choice of this logo is very good because red is a very potent color. When people see the color red they often feel its a very strong and powerful color which in this case is a good color choice since the items and products that this company sells will help you become healthier and stronger. This design meets the needs of the client because it straight up says the name of the company and also the color and font chosen will make them feel strong and healthy.