Asymmetrical: I like this work of art because the warmer colors are towards the top of the piece and the cooler colors are then towards the bottom of the piece. This piece somewhat reminds me of a sunset, the sky with the warmer colors and then the water which includes the other colors. This is an example of asymmetrical art since the top half and bottom half are different with both colors and the pattern within it.

Symmetrical: When I saw this piece my mind felt like it was trying to concentrate on so many things at once because of all of the shapes that make up this piece. Also within this piece the colors white, black, and pink appear. White and black are used to make up the "background" and then pink and white are used to make the focal point in the center of the piece.This demonstrates symmetrical art since both the right and left side are identical to one another, almost as if you are reflecting one of them.

Radial: I enjoy this piece because all of the colors compliment one another very well. All of the shapes are different throughout the piece but they are also very repetitive. The shape starts with a defined center and then it is added onto/extends since other shapes with many other colors to make the piece more interesting, this is an example of a radial piece because it is the piece can be folded in any way and will be the same. Also the piece makes a circle shape with the designs.