animated_dinosaur_.jpg computer_animation_process.png tangled_image_rapunzel.jpg

Picture#1: This picture is of the image on the cumputer being created into a 3D figure. It illustrates how most 3D animation is done on the computer.
Picture#2: The picture shows the process of how animation is done with live action animation. This type of animation is where they take the actions of the actor and incorperate it to the final image on the computer.
Picture#3: This picture shows the finished product for the movie. It is a great example of all the work that goes into animation.
The career that I chose is an animator. An animator is someone that Some traits that you would need to be an animator are that you need to have good communication skills, be able to work well with a group of people, be very artistic and creative, and also be able to visualize a concept and recreate that into your own design. Animators need to be very flexible with time and open because there will most likely be many revisions and changes to the artwork. New animators might get paid $115-$230 per day. The enty salary for animators are around $20,000-$25,000. Most people who are animators work freelance. You would need a Bachelor's Degree and go to a four year college. To get started you would create a portfolio of your work to show to clients. I am doing a 3D design that will be on paper. It look like the picture is coming right off the paper. My idea shows how you can make something out of paper come to life.