Lexus Gif
This gif is for the Lexus car company. The purpose of this gif is to draw attention to the possible buyers
and clients to make them buy their cars. I think they did well with making their company look very high
end and expensive, which they are, due to the affect of the shine across the actual symbol.

NVTech Gif
This gif is for a tech company in order to draw attention to buyers. I think this company did well with this
gif because of the movement of the red ball going through the maze. It somewhat symbolizes energy
going through wires which goes well with what their company is all about, technology.

Sony Ericsson Gif
The Sony gif is also for somewhat of a technology based company. This design is very simple yet interesting
at the same time. I like the color combination; it is very eye catching. I think that the fact that it is not too
busy and there isn't a ton of movement helps draw in the possible buyers.

All of these gifs are in tile form.