Wiki will not let me upload my other two photos for some reason. One of them was a sketch of a person and what the would look like aged 20 years later. The other image was a sketch of a crime scene.

2. A Forensic Sketch Artist has various responsibilities and options. A Forensic Sketch Artist may be drawing sketches of people wanted or missing; like the first image above. People in this career may also draw sketches of crime scenes. They may have to draw a suspect based on how a victim verbally describes them. Also, Forensic Sketch Artists sometimes need to predict aging of missing people or criminals to see what they may look like now.
3. To be good in this career you need to have a good memory. This is because most of what you draw is based on how you remember seeing something. You must pay great attention to detail and have a good imagination.
4. There is no specific amount of schooling needed for this occupation. The requirements vary depending on what company or agency you are working for. You will of course need a high school degree. Other qualifications might include: a degree in criminal justice, art training, etc. The law enforcement company that you work for may have specific training also.
5. The average salary for a sketch artist is about 45,000 a year. Which doesn't seem like much but it depends what kind of corporation you work for.
6. You will need a portfolio and some artist training to get started.
7. I feel like everyday in this field would be different. You would have to draw sketches on a daily basis, and may even be able to experience real crime scenes some days.
8. I plan to draw a picture of me as a sketch artist would. Then i will have myself holding a sign, almost like a mugshot, but instead the sign would say all of my "business information".
I will do my first idea of i will draw a "WANTED" poster of myself.
9. This illustrates my career because it is something that a Forensic Sketch Artist would draw.
10. I used the list of art occupations on the Wiki Spaces page to get this idea. Also i used this website: http://drawsketch.about.com/od/developyourcareer/p/forensicartist.htm