1. Explain what the ads are trying to promote or sell.

    1. The First one I believe is trying to promote a website in which you can post things about your day or helpful websites. Sort of like facebook meets the yellow pages.
    2. The second one is simply advertising cheap prices for whatever website uses it.
    3. The final one is simply just a girl dancing which could be used to advertise a bunch of things.
  2. Explain why you think they are good examples of an animated gif.

    1. The first one is good because it draws the eyes without distracting from the main message, it short, sweet, and to the point.
    2. The second is good because it's funny and quirky and it definitely draws the eyes.
    3. The finally one is good because although it's the same moves over and over again it seems fluid and cohesive.
  3. What attention grabbing technique does the advertisement use? Explain

    1. This one just uses movement by having a hovering bee in the center that looks cutesy.
    2. This one has a random funny action and makes the lettering bright red when it squawks.
    3. It has a bunch of movement that draws the eyes.
  4. Explain what type of ad this is, banner, tile other?

    1. Banner
    2. Tile
    3. Tile most likely.