The main reason for me picking these three book covers is specifically for the principle of emphasis. Each of these books instantly draw my eye whether it be the bright red lips on the stark white face, the falling angel, or the flower cradle in a girls hand, each of these covers just make me want to read them. Having read all three I have to say that I was not let down by these covers and they drew me inside of a wonderful book. Memoirs of a Geisha has many points of emphasis as I mentioned before the color of her lips, there is also the mystical sense you get from her gray eyes and her pale white face just brings out these already present colors. On the cover of hush, hush the blacks and gray's work quite well and the white light coming down from the heavens help accent the feeling of despair as the angel is cast down from the sky. Finally the feathers scattered about make this look like a painful experience. Last of all for the cover of Darkest Mercy it follows the previous four books style of focusing on the main female role of the book and having their face in the background with a flower (or other element) as the emphasis. I particularly liked this one compared to the last four because of the colors present in the flower and the lipstick on the girl in the background.