For the three logos I picked, I choose them for mainly their simplicity. I like how the company's could understand that you don't need some overly complicated, wild, or crazy design to draw the eyes of their audience. The first logo is the symbol of the phone company Android. It is a symbol logo because it has nothing but the logo with no words or text. I believe they were trying to gain the eyes of the younger generation who so often purchase their phones by creating a somewhat cutesy and occasionally animated logo. By using this symbol in commercials, sometimes with the words Android, and by having it on their phones people begin to know exactly what this symbol means and who it represents. Also the symbol is supposed to be an android so it again reinforces the name of the company and it can still draw people to the company.
The second icon I have chosen is for the gaming company/game console Atari. It is a words and icon logo, which is self-explanatory, and it pulls this off well by not overplaying either the words or the symbol and instead making them equal. Although it is somewhat unclear what the symbol actually means, it has been so wildly spread around the world that everyone can relate that symbol with Atari. It has worked for them for 30 years and it will probably continue to do so far as long as they stay in business. It's target audience would assumable be the people who play their games since it is generally featured in the opening credits as soon as the game is turned on. Again the symbol it self is a bit obscure but it somewhat looks like an A and gives the sense of moving upwards/progressing so I think it works well for the company.
The final logo I have selected is for the gaming console Wii. It is a words only text without any symbols. It's straight to the point and it alludes to the simplicity and fun of the Wii without overcrowding it with unneeded symbols. The target audience would again be the people playing the games, or thinking of playing the game. Coupled with fun commercials and animation the logo seems to have been quite effective and works well for the company.