By: Wonder Mike, Jason White, and basco5

All posters taken from Flicker.com

#1: For this first poster it is to represent a night of evening storytelling and I just love the way it comes together. Without even knowing what the event was about I was instantly drawn to the poster and that's what a good poster should do, it should draw viewers attention. By using color, line, and emphasis your eyes are drawn to the bright red of the girls hair and lip and follow the movement of the black lines, which symbolize words coming out of her mouth. Concept wise I think they did a great job and it really represents the idea of the night in question. The poster looks neat and clean an the way it's positioned on the paper follows the rule of thirds. Finally I enjoy how the typography continues the idea of color by making the name of the event stand out and then the information pertaining to the time and whereabouts beneath it.

#2: This poster here really brought me a sense of the event by having a large clock to represent the hours in a space like environment to represent astronomy. Without seeing the title of the event I already get an idea of what the poster is about. The large clock draws viewers eyes and the sun reflecting of the surface brings more emphasis to the large object. Shape plays a big part in this poster as the circle motif is repeated frequently. The poster fits the concept well again, and this poster is neat and crisp as well. As for the typography I enjoy the symbol nearby and the lettering give off a playful feel and stand out against the background.

#3: This poster is one that I thought was pretty cute and the design was funny. They symbolism of the censorship bear attacking the free speech owl man is just funny and helps to draw views attention. The vibrant colors help make the poster pop and the soft edges gives this poster a cheery feel. Once I found out what the concept was, a blogging conference, I felt that the poster fit the concept well and the pictures help to bring out the feel of the idea. I like how this poster is more crudely drawn because again it gives off a playful feel. Finally although the typography doesn't help you figure out what Northern Voice is it does retain the playful theme of the poster and it definitely stands out.

By: First two by Animabase, last one by Johnny_Wan
All Illustrations from Flicker.com

These Illustrations are labeled as such because, where the first two are concerned, one can easily reproduce these and make a bunch of t-shirt designs or other similar applications. As for the last one it is a picture commissioned for WIRED magazine for mass production. Where fine art is concerned is a single once made production for viewing in a gallery and not widely used in production if not at all. Animabase who created the first two illustrations does a lot of design in which an object or creature is made to look like an entirely different one, this idea is clearly shown by the two pictures above and by his other artwork. As for the last design by Johnny it is to represent a do it your self section of WIRED and it must feature a Pitt Bull, this design markets both of these ideas by creating a Pitt bull out of objects relating to technology and tools or at least images that look similar.