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Collage is an art form that many artists across a variety of disciplines use to create works of art. Collage can be abstract, make connections that might not normally have seemed to exist. Sometimes collages that use mostly photographs are called photo-montage. The word “collage” is from the French verb “coller” meaning to glue. Collage refers to 2-dimensional materials glued down to a 2-dimensional surface. Assemblage refers to materials, including objects, glued down to a surface and often means that the work is 3-dimensional not 2 dimensional. For a collage to be successful there are a few elements that must be considered.

  • Composition: Composition is critical. All of the compositional techniques we've learned (rule of thirds, balance, objects touching all sides of space, creative relationship of positive and negative space, movement, texture, light, color, theme, form, line, space). Collage can be playful as you play and manipulate the shapes in relationship to each other but an innovative dynamic composition is critical.

  • Concept: Sometimes there is a theme or Concept, but sometimes the artist intuitively relates collage elements to each other based on color, texture or other choices.

  • Concept: The collage creates an abstraction (simplification of reality, non-representational, more about form, color and texture than the recognizability of the subject.) It is not usually supposed to represent something realistically. It can be more whimsical or less objective.

  • Craftsmanship: Elements seem to be put together randomly, but there is a plan and craftsmanship in the way objects are glued and arranged.

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Listed here are the many artists who have used Collage as a means for expression and design. Create a Visual Journal design and response based on 3 of these artists. See the Weebly website for details on this. Research their style and the types of collages they create(d). Begin to develop your own collage ideas for the Found Typography project.

Pablo Picasso

Hannah Hoch

Sabrina Ward Harrison

Jesse Treece

Annagret Soltau

Mark Bradford

Rauol Hausmann

Henri Matisse

Georges Braque

Man Ray

Romare Bearden

Marcel Duchamp

Kurt Schwitters

Jasper Johns

Robert Rauschenberg

Use these websites for research:

Now that you've completed your research on Collage Artists. Design a Visual Journal page for each of the 3 collage artists you’ve researched (3 pages total) utilizing collage, typography and strong design/composition to develop this collage. You can use mixed media to create these designed pages including cut paper, magazine lettering, markers etc. Make sure you include the collage artist's name in your design, but do so in a creative, unique way.

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Texture, shapes, positive/negative spaces