Interior Design

These are examples of the type of work interior designers may do. They draw floor plans of the space they are given to work with, they find color combinations and patterns that will best suit that room, and thye will find the right funiture to fill the space. These planning steps and process are the most important because then you are able to work with the space and try different styles to please the client you are working with; it gives both you and others an idea and visual of what will be created.

Interior design is the design and development of human environment. It deals with physiological elements and creation of space. A person typically creates 3D spaces and selects materials and finishes appropriate for the use of the space in order to please the client. There is a lot of planning with floor plans and how the space is going to be set up. 3D perception, listening, creative thought process, technical abilities (electronic and manual), and the ability to visualize space and dimension are all important skills and talents for this certain career. You can get either a two or four year degree in college along with either going to any sort of college: technical, art, or a regular university. When starting off in this job, the typical pay is around $25,000 a year. During the middle of your career the average pay is around $50,000 to $60,000 a year. Towards the end of your career you could be payed around $75,000 to $100,000 a year. This is not a job you choose for the pay but rather because it is something that you enjoy. In order to get this job you need both a portfolio that is very professionally created with unique characteristics and an internship is needed as well. A typical day in the world of interior design involves attending meetings and answering phone calls, meeting with sales reps, drawing and doing research, and a few presentations as well. Overall, this career involves a lot of collaboration and teamwork. My idea for this project was a create a 3D pop up box that would be easy for clients to view and follow. It will illustrate the field of interior design because I am incorporating the use of space and dimension as well as adding the aspect of textures and colors. It is hard to explain what i envision in my mind but I will make it creative and unique


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