history of design copy.jpg
history of design copy.jpg

Now that you've done some research on the history of graphic design you will post your designer research write up here and also post 3 images about your designer. You should have looked at 3 designers from the list and then narrowed it down to one whom, you will design a postcard for. Discuss the following in your 5-7 sentence write-up:

1. What is the designer/illustrator known for creatively in the field of graphic design?

2. Explain what era of graphic design they were part of, what movement or specific style did they work in?

3. Discuss whether they worked pre-computer or post computer and how that influenced their work.

4. Explain why you chose this designer.

5. Post 3 images that are examples of your designers work (can be in the form of a banner)

Remember a printed copy of this report will be turned in with your postcard for critique and you will be presenting your designer to the class with the report.

Create a page and link your name here.

Design Class 2014

**Emily Collins**
**Ally Condon**
Dan Economou
Mariah Fohr
Erika Jackson
Aspen Johnson
**Miranda Kennison**
Macauley Lukenda
**Jordan Olson**
**Kelin Olson**
**Kierra Schwab**
**Stephen Sparacino**
**Tyler Stanczak**
Alyssa Van Altena
**Anja Wilcenski**
**Ariana Worcester**
Klaus Zirkle