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Research: Using the following wiki page to discover what Infographics are and how they are used in Business. Develop an understanding of how to create your own infographics.

Now that you've done some research on how to make an Infographic and what makes a successful graphic you will begin to develop your own ideas for this project. This page and your sketchbook visual journaling will all be part of your research. You will be using Illustrator to design your infographic. The size of the graphic will depend on which project you choose. Post your digital research here in the form of a wiki page.

  • Create visual journal and wiki pages to illustrate your research and planning.

  • Include full color thumbnails in your journal pages that brainstorm the composition and concept for your final Infographic.

  • This wiki page should include images that support your ideas for the project. These could be examples of infographics you like or color schemes you want to try or any other idea inspiration.

  • It could also be actual photos of the Pewaukee School District project you choose(see details below).

  • Post links to the websites related to your idea.

  • Post a written explanation of your vision for this project.

  • Explain what information you feel it would be important to highlight.

  • Explain what style of infographic you will use. (i.e. timelines, bar graphs, pie charts, typographically intensive, flat graphics etc)
  • Explain and show what color scheme you will use, include a graphic of color swatches planned.

  • Explain what font(s) (include photos of this font to show sample)

  • Explain who your audience is and what their needs are related to this graphic. What do you want them to get from the graphics?

  • Write a proposal that explains how you plan to develop your idea. What techniques will you use to learn more from your client about what they want the infographic to contain? Explain in the proposal how you will meet the needs of the client and satisfy the criteria of the assignment.

You will choose one of the Infographic Projects from the Menu of choices here. Each Infographic has a real client in the Pewaukee School District for whom you will be designing. Part of the assignment is to gather as much information as possible about the topic. This may include interviewing the teacher, administrator or students involved in the project. You may Skype with the people. You may also Google search to see if there is any local news information about the subject. Lastly you will start to pull together the key elements of the topic and develop full color thumbnails of your project. Use this digital page for research, but also use your Visual Journaling techniques to guide your process. I will expect to see 6-8 full color thumbnails of your idea(s).

Use my Pinterest Board On Infographics to develop your idea further.

Only 4 people can choose each project. I will assign a 5th person to one since we have 17 in class. Once 4 designers have chosen then the project will be full.



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Link your name to the the wiki page you create.

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