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Research the Kiwanis by visiting their website: look at the past designs and each event itself. Write a proposal to go with your tee shirt and button designs explaining why your idea is a good design choice and how it will meet the needs of your client. Describe how your tee shirt and button utilized the elements and principles of art and met the criteria of the 3 Cs. Post your proposal along with any research images you found that will help inspire your idea. Make sure you meet the criteria of the client. Due Wednesday March 19th.

Add your post by creating a new page by clicking on the plus sign in the upper left side of the screen. Name the page lastname-Kiwanis Make sure you link your name after you create the page. Once you've finished this wiki post get started on your full color thumbnails. See assignment sheet for details.

Design Class 2014

**Ally Condon**
Emily Collins
**Dan Economou**

Mariah Fohr

Erika Jackson
Aspen Johnson
**Miranda Kennison**
Macauley Lukenda
**Jordan Olson**
**Kelin Olson**
Kierra Schwab
**Stephen Sparacino**
**Tyler Stanczak**
Alyssa Van Altena
**Anja Wilcenski**
**Ariana Worcester**
Klaus Zirkle