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Follow the step by step directions on how to create a page AND complete this assignment by adding your own page with the research you've done and linking it to your name.

  1. Find images on the Internet that use only shape and color as the elements of the design.
  2. Look for one example of asymmetrical, symmetrical, and radial, three total examples
  3. Then explain what you liked about the image you found and how it illustrates each type of balance.

  1. Click the plus sign by Pages and Files at the top left column.

  2. Name your page with your last name-shape. Add tags such as shape, phs, your last name. This will help you later if you choose to search for the page. Let me know when you've saved and I will link your name to the page.

  3. Go to the webpage where you found shape/balance example. Right click on the image you want to embed on the wiki page. Choose Save Image As and click on your directory (lastname and first name initials). Choose your Pictures folder in the directory. Create a new folder in the Pictures folder called Wiki Research. Save the image into that folder. Make sure it is a jpg file.

  4. Now go back to the page you created (click Shape and Balance and click on your name). Click Edit at the top right of the page and start typing to post and answer the questions.

  5. Click the icon called File to embed your images. Click Upload Files. Choose the image file you saved before in your pictures folder. Wait for it to fully load (you'll see the image).

  6. Click on the will be yellow to show you've selected it. It will upload onto the page where you chose to insert it. You can center it or make it larger or smaller from here also.

  7. Make sure you save your page after each one.

  8. Check all your links to be sure they work.

Design Class 2014

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