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A typographer is a special designer who actually designs the letters used in design. There is a rich history of these types of designers. For the first part of this assignment you will be researching Typographers. For more details see the links and directions here.

Research 3 typographers using the links here for guidance.

  • Post a banner for each typographer highlighting their type designs.(combine numerous images into your banner in photoshop). 3 banners total.

  • Explain who the typographer is in terms of their historical significance. When did they live?

  • Why are their typefaces important/valued?

  • What did you like about this typographer?

  • Connect to the type to your own life and experiences, have you ever used this typographers type designs? If so how? If not, how might you use the type? Explain this application of usage.

  • Site the sources you used for your research. Google is not an allowable source.

  • There are many links given to you on the wiki page use them.

Use this site as a comprehensive list of typographers through history. Click on the decade year on the left to open up the various lists of typographers. Try to choose your 3 typographers from 3 different time periods/decades. You may also find the following font houses to be useful.









*much of the following is from the wonderful [[#|website]] http://www.designishistory.com/design/early-typographers/

Typographers to Choose From

Early Typographers

Irish Monks and Illuminated Manuscript

Nicholas Jenson was responsible for the development of the first full roman typeface, which was based on humanistic characteristics and was highly legible.

Francesco Griffo developed the first italic as a handwritten style designed to conserve space.

Claude Garamond learned the trade of punch cutting and printing. Garamond became the first to produce and sell typefaces to other printers. His style of type design moved even further from the style of calligraphy.

Pierre Simon Fournier developed a system of type measurement.

Firmin Didot, was one of the typographers responsible for the development of the modern roman style of type design, which is emphasized by a high contrast of strokes and hairline serifs.

Giambattista Bodoni was the other typographer responsible for the development of the modern roman style and was instrumental in chronicling, developing and refining the production and use of metal type. He based his work on four properties that mad typography beautiful, uniformity of design, smartness and neatness, good taste, and charm.

In the early 18th century William Caslon led an effort to remove the English dependence on the production of Dutch typefaces and produced several types that, while somewhat retrogressive and more related to classical roman styles than the modern styles of Didot and Bodoni, quickly became the standard in the expansion of the British empire. The British empire spread the Caslon typefaces across the world and it was the standard of American printing for many years.

An English businessman by the name of John Baskerville designed type that was based on the style of engravers rather than based upon handwriting. His transitional style bridged the gap between the classic roman and modern roman typefaces.

20th Century Typographers

Paul Renner designed Futura, Plak etc.

Adrian Frutiger designed Frutiger and others.

Saul Bass famous for his cut [[#|paper]] movie title credit sequences.

Eric Gill designed Gill Sans

Herb Lubalin designed Avant Garde

Milton Glaser lots of 60s/70s style designs

Emigre is home to several 1990s era typography designers who are still designing today including Rudy Vanderlans, Zuzanna Licko, Ed Fella and others.

David Carson wasn't really a typographer, but certainly influenced the modern way we used type as a design element. He pushed the bourdaries and rules of typography with the publication called RayGun.

Neville Brody know for his work with London based Fontworks company.

Marian Bantjes is known for her scripty, illustrated typefaces and illustrations.

In addition to the typographers listed here try looking up a typeface you like and research who designed it. You may be surprised by its history.

other fun typography sites including a game....can you KERN?

Kerning Game

History of Typography

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