What are infographics?
Infographics are used to break down complicated information into simple visuals. They contain data, background information, but keep the overall infographic itself simple. Infographics are meant to help the reader understand the topic the infographic is on, in an easier way than simply giving them a book to the reader. It's visual information, in a crisp and clear way. Typically, they are used in business to present this data/information in a visual way, so they can present it to their clients and potential business partners.

How are they successful?
"Clean Info"- Data that is easier to understand, that the reader won't have to decipher in order to get the main message.
Clean Design- Infographics are meant to present information, but they don't want to overwhelm the reader. Creators want to have a specific color palette to use, so the overall design makes sense together.

For my project, I am doing Mrs. Klemme's Tennis infographic. Tennis has always interested me, even though I am painfully bad at it. She mentioned how she wanted the infographic to show that the season runs from mid-August to early October and how fun the team is. I do plan on making a logo of sorts, even though it isn’t required. I plan on using some information found on the girl’s tennis informational handbook to illustrate how fun and worthwhile joining girls tennis will be!