These book are some of my favorite books I have read. I think they are successful with their covers. First, Thirteen Reasons Why is a very sad book. When if first came out everyone was making a huge fuss about it so I decided to try to read it and see if it was worth all the fuss. Turns out it was and yes people told me the story prior to me reading it which you think would have ruined the book for me but it definitely didn't. At first the book cover didn't make much sense to me, but after completing the book it made so much sense and really almost foreshadowed the book. The photograph of the girl on the swing represents her being by herself also not sure if this was intended but when you swing you go back and fourth which is really what her emotions did in this story. The typography is very nice, it connects directly with the story. It looks like the type is on tape and she put tape on each of the tapes in the story. Overall this is a very successful design. This book to be honest grabbed my attention not from the cover but from all of the talk about it at the time. Now if I were to just random;y see this book, it would be quite interesting and catch my eye since the typography is very different compared to other books, i would also try to come up thoughts the girl in the photograph might be having which would make me even more interested in the book.

Second Every Day is another one of my favorite books. It was recommended to me by a teacher. This book cover is very unique. When I was reading the book I never once cared to look into detail at the cover. The cover still does not make that much sense to me since its the sky and since the main character just switched bodies every day. When I imagined him switching bodies I never thought of him going up to the sky I just thought of him waking up in a different body. I think the typography in this is successful because its very simple and to the point which is definitely not what this book is. I think its ironic how the cover looks so peaceful and the story is so crazy and hectic. The illustration however is very neat and eye catching also it is very calming. This book would catch my eye the first time I saw it because the name and cover are so simple yet open ended that this book could be about anything.

Third, Tuesdays with Morrie is a very sad book as well. I really like this cover even though it it so simple> its not even the colors or the title of the book that catch my eye its the quote "an old man, a young man and lifes greatest lesson". This quote basically gives you the overview of what the book is about in such little words. On the other hand I feel the cover could be more detailed with a illustration or something different that helps catch the readers eye. The typography may be to simple as well, I do like the change in color though in the title, I think that its such a little detail that makes a big difference. Overall I would not be caught reading this book if it was not recommended to me by my aunt and my momma. I think simple speaks and simple is good but if you are too simple it does not speak and it becomes boring giving the reader the wrong idea, if they have never heard of this book before.

Lastly, My sisters keeper is one of the saddest books I have ever read in my life. This book is very emotional for al ages and genders. To be the authors name is too large and the name of the book is too little. Also I would have not used the photograph that was used for the cover. I feel it has nothing to do with the actual story itself, other than the fact that there are two sisters. I feel for a book with a story as strong and meaningful as this one you either need to go above and beyond with the cover or you need to keep it somewhat simple. This book was also recommended to me by some family. If I were to look at this book for the first time I would not be interested, the cover is not designed well to me nor does it capture any emotions from the book, therefore it does not slow the person looking at the book to get a sneak peak of what the book s really about. This is an amazing book and we really need to express that on the cover. The title is way to small compared to the authors name and also the font needs to be more noticeable or more unique and fitting to the story.