Pewaukee Kiwanis Research:
The images above are two of the many designs for the Kiwanis events in the past years.

Kiwanis is a non profit organization, they host events such as the river run and the beach party to get people in the community encourages float the river and also enjoy themselves playing beach volleyball while listening to some music. They don't only do these two events they also try to do other activities to help the community and the people in it.

The kiwanis riverrun is an event hosted by kiwanis to get people in the community involved in activities. This activity/event in particular started off as a race to see who could float the river the fastest, however nowadays only some of the many people who float the river actually take it as a race. Most of the floaters just take canoes down the river and just float and relax and have a nice time. This is mostly an adult events since its more dangerous for the young to float if the parents make bad decisions.

Beach Party:
The kiwanis beach party was an events that started many years ago. When it first started there was a huge volleyball tournament during the day and concerts at night. Now there is music al day long and there is a small volleyball set up. This year they are making this more kid friendly by having face painters, library activities and also beach activities for the young ones. Then for adults there are adult beverages served and there will be music and other adult activities.

For both of these events there will be no admission fee along with free parking.