This poster is a social justice awareness poster about suicide and self harm. This is a good design because there’s a main object that gets right to the point in the center. The typography somewhat fits the mood and meaning of the poster I feel it needs to feel a bit more out together, although the typography seems like it’s scaring people away from getting help the graphic of the piece which in this case is the arm is a very good representation of the social justice issue. It’s not too graphic but it’s graphic enough to the point where it will catch people’s eyes and get their attention.
sj2.pngThis poster is a poster about the topic of women being objects. This is a good design because the caption and the illustration go together but I feel like the illustration could have a better idea. It’s difficult to really see what the poster is about when you first look at it, you really need to analyze it to understand. The colors red white and blue are very nice looking colors when used together. The typography is very unique and interesting to look at since the lines on the side are leading your eyes throughout the rest of the text. Overall this is a successful poster but the idea of social justice needs to be more clear through the illustration so when you look at it you know for sure what it is about.

sj1.pngThis poster is a social justice poster about human trafficking. It’s very clear when you first look at the poster through both the illustration. The typography is very bold and easy to read. The bright yellow makes it the poster stand out. The illustration is also very bold since the colors are dark. The illustration is a very clear representation of human trafficking, we know this since there’s a tag on the chain wrapped around the hands. Overall this is a very simple yet successful piece since the overall idea of the social justice issues is clearly presented to the viewers as well as it is understandable with no analysis needed.

Some social justice issues I am considering are:
  1. Human trafficking
    • This is important to me because I feel women especially are treated as sexual objects which is not okay. We should not be sold to please people, we need to be pleased with ourselves and not taken advantage of.
  1. Suicide
    • This is important to me because I feel this has become a common issue within the US and it’s because people are to negative to one another. We need to be nicer and not so negative towards one another.
  1. Poverty
    • This is important to me because I feel people expect to be taken care of nowadays. We need to learn to work for what we want. If we want money, work for it.
  1. Stereotypes
    • This is also very important to me because we are so judgy towards one another nowadays and we also tend to make assumptions about people based on their race or age.

My idea:
For my social justice poster I would like to make a poster for stereotyping or human trafficking . I am against them and want to make my poster very simple like the one for human trafficking above. I want to make the typography very clear and bold but I also want to make the design the same. Simple and bold. I don’t want people to have to analyze the words and graphics I want them to be able to have a short glimpse at it and know what it is about. Then when they take the second look at it they will get more detail and more understanding of the issue and hopefully they will want to help make change.