StickmanAnnimation.gifThis is a great animation promoting how to make an animation on Photoshop. Creatively they used an animation in order to explain HOW to make an animation. In this particular example, they used a banner type in order to express their animation and promote their product. To draw the reader in they didn't use any bright colors which are usually what catch a persons attention; instead they used a simple stick figure! At the same time though, the stick figure is super cute, and almost anybody would stop to check out this animation.

only_jp.gif As an ad for Jeep, they promoted their motto in an animation. Very creatively they had the jeep drive up, though not an actual jeep, just the inner lines of one. To draw the onlooker in, the jeep appeared to be on a very bumpy road; and for people who buy jeeps, that's the exact type of thing they enjoy doing. Therefore I would say this was a good and simple animation that intrigues the buyer. This would be a tile animation verses a banner.

volkswagon.gifThough not too much happens in this animated gif for VW, it is still creative and catches a person's eye. The bubbles which pass by over the VW logo magnify the logo, and makes it appealing to look at. The circular shape of both the bubbles passing over, and of the logo are good design techniques as well. Movement is very good because it makes a person want to look at the animation, and therefore also look at the business. This would be a tile animation verses a banner.